What is the Difference between Gaming Mice and Regular Mice?

There are Gaming mice and then there are regular mice, but the question is what is the difference between both of them? Obvious answer will be that gaming mice are designed specifically for gaming purposes, but does that make it a better mouse?

Gaming Mice are costly then regular ones

If you start of with price, Price of gaming mouse normally starts from 500/- INR, which is for starters. And if you want a good lasting gaming mouse, it can easily costs you around 1500/- INR.

While on the other hand, The regular mouse is cheap, in compare to this, you can get it even at 150/- INR and if you want a lasting one you can get the best within 1000/- INR.

But, question that remains is why to spend so much on gaming mouse? Does it make better at gaming just because they say it is gaming mouse? Or is it better to pay less and get best with Regular mouse? What is that different that makes gaming mouse this costly?

Laser Sensor for better DPI than LED sensor

Alright, so there are a few things different between a gaming and a regular mouse and the first thing would be the sensor. Which may seem obvious at first but there is a little bit more depth to it that just the sensor.

So, most regular mice using optical sensor, which uses an LED, whereas most gaming mice use a laser sensor, the reason being is that the laser sensor has a higher attainable DPI than optical mice. But that doesn’t mean it is superior.

They both have disadvantages, that don’t really make one or the other shift prior over the other. Aside fro that higher end gaming mice use higher end sensors that have better gaming characteristics. I could go more in depth about that but that will be for some other time.

Difference of Polling Rates

Another thing is that game mice also usually has higher polling rates, which is measured in MHz (Megahertz). For you Info…..

What is Polling Rate?

Polling rate is the rate of data being sent from the mouse to the operating system. A higher polling rate would result in less input lag. Which is also very important for gaming.

Extra Buttons with Key mapping

extra buttons of gaming mouse

Next is, key mapping and functionality, most gaming mice come with extra buttons, that are programmable to use as hot keys or shortcuts. This comes in handy while gaming as the mouse can shorten the amount of controls that have to be done in the keyboard.

You can replace hot keys and shortcuts with the mouse, where it is a lot more convenient for most people.

Comfortable Grips and Palm design

Also some higher-end mice have more modular ability as well to fit different hand sizes and grips.

For example, take Mad Catz RAT 8, which has completely swappable palmrest and extensions and also width adjustment. Additionally many gaming mice have adjustable weights just to fit the user’s exact means.

customizable grip and plamrest of gaming mouse

In terms of mouse movement performance, another aspect that is massively different from regular mice is grip and palm design. A log of regular mice are not designed with the idea of fitting inside the users hands to gain more efficiency and comfort for long periods of use also known as ergonomics of the mouse.

Now, that does not mean that every regular mouse isn’t designed with comfort in mind, but gaming mice do definitely have a much different grip.

Maybe mice usually have a larger profile to fit the palm nicely to maximize comfort and also support different grips on the mice. that may not seem important to some but for people, who gain for long periods of time, they can definitely appreciate that I know because I do appreciate.

Build Quality: Gaming Mice are build to take beating

This brings me to the next point. The next point is the build quality of the mouse. Gaming mice are designed to be used a lot and take a beating especially for rangers. Aside from that the mouse is going to be used extensively in the rest of the parts have to hold on.

The left and right buttons have to be more responsive than built well to deal with a lot of clicking and button mashing. Most regular mice would start breaking down quickly even with casual use. I personally noticed that regular mice creek and the button start to feel mushy.

Usually most gaming mice come with a 50 million click lifespan for each of the buttons and remain very responsive for a long time.

Braided Cable and Rubber coated USB connection

Another thing to mention is that most gaming mice use a braided cable, which is not necessarily more durable than rubber coated USB connection but personally I do prefer the braided cable.

Custom Software to Customize the mouse

Lastly another vast difference would be software and lighting. Not every gaming mouse comes with software but a lot of them do alternatively. Regular mice don’t have custom software to customize the mouse or none that I know of.

The software for mouse can server many different functions, such as creating different shortcuts, also creating different profiles for different programs and different games that contain different DPI and shortcuts settings specific to that program or game.

Lighting effects to fit in situations

Also the lighting effects can be vastly customized to serve the user to their content. Many gaming mice offer backlighting and RGB lighting to fit many different themes and preferences and if done right can look very tasteful.

And add a nice addition to the overall appeal to the colour coordination of the setup.

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Source Model Price
amazon_m-buy-logo-suratnow  HP X1000 Wired Mouse (Black/Grey)   270/-
amazon_m-buy-logo-suratnow  Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse (Grey)  629/-
flipkart-buy-button-suratnow  Lenovo 500 Wireless Optical Mouse (USB, Black)  flipkart assured 899/-
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   VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse  $9.99/-

Buy Gaming Mice From here

Source Model Price
amazon_m-buy-logo-suratnow  Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse   1,487/-
amazon_m-buy-logo-suratnow  Razer Naga Chroma, MMO Gaming Mouse  6,436/-
flipkart-buy-button-suratnow  Logitech G102 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse  flipkart assured 1,799/-
flipkart-buy-button-suratnow  Razer Rival 500 Wired Mech. Gaming Mouse  flipkart assured 9,999/-
   Mad Catz R.A.T. M Wireless Mobile Gaming Mouse  $24.99/-
   Razer DeathAdder World of Tanks Edition  $62.81/-


So, those are the main differences between the gaming mouse and the regular mouse or at least the ones that I recognized to be the most different between the two.

There are definitely more, if you think there is more that I left out on this list, please comment down below and let me know and also add on to list what you find is a lot different from a gaming mouse than a regular mouse or ones that you just don’t recognize at all.

So, let me know if this helped you guys out. Perhaps you were thinking about getting gaming mouse and just deciding, oh! what is the actual difference, I don’t need that but there are actually some decent differences. So, let me know if they help you guys out.


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