What does the Colored Square at the End of your Toothpaste Tube Really Mean ?

Ever wondered, what is that square mark on the crimp or Tail of your toothpaste tube, you come across every morning?

For quite some time, there is a rumour circulated over the internet about the colour coding squares one finds on the Crimp related to the contents of the toothpaste.

What is the meaning of that coloured square on the crimp of a toothpaste?

As the rumours say there is a different colour for a different set of contents inside the toothpaste and that we can draw inferences from the colour coding of the square for the nature of contents of the toothpaste, if they are made up of Natural ingredients or chemical ingredients or medicinal ingredients or a mix of Natural and Chemical or Chemical and Medicinal ingredients.

This rumour is so widespread that one happens to instantly believe this and rush straight to the bathroom and check the colour of their square and even throw away the tube if their tube happens to bear a Black square as according to the web genies it means that your toothpaste is made up of 100% chemical ingredients. Here is what the other colours mean-

What Coloured Square on the Toothpaste crimp means, as per Web genies?

Green Square – If you find a Green square on the crimp of the toothpaste tube sitting in your bathroom you means that toothpaste is made of 100% Natural contents.

Red Square – Considering the rumours this red square indicates that toothpaste is made up of a mix of Natural contents and Chemical contents.

Blue Square – A Blue square indicates that your toothpaste is made of a mix of Natural contents and Medicinal contents.

Black Square – A Black square stands for 100% chemical contents.

The ridiculous thing about this info is that even if we consider it right for a moment, it is absolutely ambiguous and vague. If we are to believe that a blue square stands for natural plus medicinal contents, it does not indicate what medicines specifically and what are they supposed to be used for?

Because a medicine is used to treat an ailment and different ailments have different treatments. How can this blanket information that a toothpaste has medicinal contents suffice and guide the user.

And also that majority of  medicines are a chemical of some or the other type and that they are synthesized in the lab and that it is only for the convenience of our understanding that we call them medicines depending upon the job they do for us. Now considering this fact how are the Chemical contents different from the medicinal contents as both are chemicals.


What do these Coloured Squares on the crimp of toothpaste Actually mean?

These coloured marks have absolutely No Relation with the contents of your toothpaste tube and those are falsely propagated so.

Anything you are hearing or reading about those coloured square marks indicating the content within the toothpaste is nothing but just a Bad Marketed Rumour.

The Colour squares are actually called the ‘Eye Marks’ or a ‘Cut-off Indicator’ which is meant to be read by a Sensor fitted on the Machine on which these empty toothpaste tubes are filled with the toothpaste.

These empty tubes are in the form of a continuous Roll or a ‘Web-stock’ and are supposed to be filled, cut and sealed at fixed intervals. The Eye-mark is an indicator for the machine sensor to find the Cut-Off mark, where to cut the tube and seal it to form a Crimp of the tube.

In most of the cases the colour of the square is one of the colours present in the print design on the tube. This has got nothing to do with the composition of the contents inside the tube.

So, don’t let those rumours get you. Don’t misunderstand those coloured square marks on the toothpaste crimp. Don’t judge toothpaste from just those marks.

If you really want to know about the contents of your toothpaste, just read those out from the ingredients section and be sure of what you are using.

Happy Brushing  !!!


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What does the Colored Square at the End of your Toothpaste Tube Really Mean ?

Ever wondered, what is that square mark on the crimp or Tail of your toothpaste tube, you come across every morning? For quite some time,…..

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