Top 5 Features of Android O

Android O, we are like halfway through the alphabet already, Google is moving pretty fast. So, either way Android O Developer Preview is out now. It’s been out for a little bit. It is been announced, we have a logo but not a name yet.


Before talking about Android O, let’s have a look at all older versions of Android along with Release date and version number.

Complete List of Android Versions along with Release Date

OS Name  Initial Release Date Version Number
A  Alpha 23 September, 2008  1.0
B  Beta 9 February, 2009  1.1
C  Cupcake 27 April, 2009  1.5
D  Donut 15 September, 2009  1.6
E  Eclair 26 October, 2009  2.0 – 2.1
F  Froyo 20 May, 2010  2.2 – 2.2.3
G  Gingerbread 6 December, 2010  2.3- 2.3.7
H  Honeycomb 22 February, 2011  3.0 – 3.2.6
I  Ice-cream Sandwich 18 October, 2011  4.0 – 4.0.4
J  Jelly Bean 9 July, 2012  4.1 – 4.3.1
K  KitKat 31 October, 2013  4.4 – 4.4.4
L  Lollipop 12 November, 2014  5.0 – 5.1.1
M  Marshmallow 5 October, 2015  6.0 – 6.0.1
N Nougat  22 August, 2016  7.0 – 7.1.2
O  To Be Announced To Be Announced  8.0

So, moving on to Android O, As I mentioned before, Logo is out but they didn’t announced Name for Android O. It could be Orange or Oreo. either way it appears to be a pretty incremental update.

So, it is not the huge massive overhaul. You would have heard about it already, if it was. There are some new stuff and we will go over that. But for the most part it is behind the scenes update.

android o vs android n

Stuff you might not even notice, if you are not familiar with previous version of Android, which is Android Nougat. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some cool stuff to cover.

So, this is your Top 5 new features of Android O v8.0

Top 5 new features of Android O v8.0

1. Your Lock screen customization

So, this is actually lives in the system UI tuner, which is a new feature added with Android marshmallow v6.0 and it is kind of hidden like developer options but once you unhide it, it holds some pretty cool stuffs. I hope it sticks around or even graduates from the system UI tuner into more visible main side lock

So, the lock screen shortcut customization, you know that you have to swipe up from the left to open your voice control or swipe up from the right to get to your camera.

This actually lets you change those shortcuts to whatever app you want. So, if you have some favourite apps that you launch a lot more often, you can go through literally all the apps on your phone and pick your favourites and that will swipe up to unlock into whatever app you choose.

So, It can be pretty useful, if you text a lot or tweet a lot or Instagram a lot. Whatever you pick, those shortcuts will be on the bottom and I think that is pretty neat.

2. Contextually aware text Selection dialog

It’s terrible name but it’s way cooler than actually it sound. So, this is one of the new feature of Android O. So, you know whenever you select any text, just plain text on Android, you couples of options to copy or cut or paste or select all.

maps clipboard feature suratnow android o

Well, now this selector is much more intelligent. This selector is actually context aware, so if you highlight an Address, Google maps link will actually appear. And you can hop right into Google Maps just from that selection.

So, if you have someone texting you a phone number, you highlight that phone number, it gives you a link to call that number immediately.

phone clipboard

So, that’s kind of convenient stuff it is recognizing. I am hoping it will also work when I highlight a link it will be able to open that up into my web browser. But, usually that is just a hyperlink anyway.

But either way pretty cool stuff.

3. Customization with the Navigation Buttons down at the bottom

We have seen this built into a couple of third party skins but this is included in System UI Tuner. So, you can now choose between a compact, which put them all the middle or a left-leaning or right leaning set of buttons.

customized navigation bar

So, that people with big phones and small hands will find that easier to reach from one side with one-handed and then you can also add an extra button or two on the bottom.

That’s stayed permanently there, so a clipboard button is an example. Not sure if it is for copy and paste functions or just a permanent place to view your clipboard. Because it is not fully functional here yet.

But the president is set and it is pretty cool, I would like to be able to add my own button there whatever I want.

4. Refreshed Notifications panel

This is subtle one. It is definitely a visual one and you will notice it. You have seen previous versions of Android, the icons up top and the quick settings are now a little bit cleaner.

There is some new icons up there too. Two thin lines underneath from toggles but there is a new animation for revealing from the icons as you swipe notifications down that is pretty hot.

new notifications

Than you have a couple new notification behaviours, seems like you get a little bit more complex every time and I would be true, it is not too crazy this time.

First of all the battery percentage is revealed with one swipe instead of two. I really like that because I like seeing my actual percentage, instead of just trying to guess based on how full the bar is.

snoozesnooze choicesnoozed

Than you can do a half swipe over on a notification to snooze notifications from specific apps for some time. So, this my low key be one of the most underrated features.

So, let’s say you just dropped a fired tweet, your phone is blowing up with all these to our notifications instead of muting your whole phone, you can snooze just your Twitter notifications for 15 minutes or any time you want.

And that will still allow you to not to miss any calls or any emails or any other notifications, than when that is done it will come back. I think that is pretty awesome.

My only complaint here is, I wish the half swipe was a little bit easier. it will still way too easy to accidentally do the full swipe and then you just dismiss the notification completely and you can’t get that back. I did that a lot.

But I still really like the ability to snooze notifications from just a single app that is really cool to see.

5. Whole new Settings App

This one is may be the only actual big redesign in the entire Android O. The new settings app is a lot cleaner, it is visually overhaul. I think the old settings apps and even other phones besides the Google Pixel was starting to get a bit overwhelming with the sidebar and the tons of settings.

changed settings

But now it is lot simpler looking and it is a much shorter list and the slide-out menu is gone as well. Overall it is a shorter top-level list, but you can still dive more into the actual settings or just use the search bar just to get to stuff that you know is there.

It’s black and white now as well and also some of the pages like the storage information readout look a lot cleaner, plus they give you that big important visual up top. That is pretty helpful.

storage settings battery

Same thing with like the battery settings, for example it still breaks down by your most used apps but you still get that big clean graphics up top for the percentage and estimated time left and power management tools.

That’s it, there you have it those are the top five at least from what we know right now best new features in Android O. Don’t know the name yet like I mentioned before.

But we will be finding that out pretty soon and it is a Developer Preview. So, this is still evolving. There will be new versions of it and it will probably be new features added in the next couple of months before it becomes official and rolls out the phones.

Like you don’t get these huge overhaul updates every couple months or it will be a little bit crazy and obviously still most phones don’t have latest version of Android already yet which is Android Nougat.

So this will be rolling out slowly. But from what we have seen what is your favourite new feature? let me know.


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