Top 5 Announcements from Google I/O Keynote (Google I/O 2017)

Google I/O is basically a Developer Conference for people who use Google software and for all those developers of apps that run on those Google Software. So, Lets start talking about Google I/O 2017.

This year has been different than last, which is not unusual, There is no new hardware announcement, there is no new Google pixel 2 or anything crazy like that. There is a lot of new google software, a lot of machine learning and image recognition and all that amazing stuff that will eventually make it into the devices that we have now.

So, there is definitely some stuff to pay attention to. But for those who don’t want to watch those 156 Videos with the length of 30 Minutes to 2 hours from Google I/O, here are my top 5 announcements by Google from Google I/O 2017.

1. Google Lens

This is our first big announcement by Google this year and I feel like something like this would make a comeback. There was so much interesting stuff at this conference, stuff like computer vision, machine learning and image recognition and Google Lens is perfect example of a combination of all that.

So, Google lens is a new capability that will start showing up in Google assistant and photos and others. That will let you point your camera at any object and get more information about that object. It is kinda similar to Google Reverse Image Search, but its not that same.

Yes, it will give you information like that, but it is a pretty good upgrade of that. Though, this will sound a bit familiar to you, because it is, we had stuff like Google Goggles from way back in 2010, believe it or not, but technology has gotten a lot better since 2010, so this is actually almost a completely different product now.

Google lens and assistant is so good, you can point it out a flower and it will tell you not only that it is a flower, but what kind of flower it is as well. Or if you are walking down the street and point Lens at a restaurant because Google Maps knows where you are, image recognition is pretty easy to overlay info about the place you are looking at.

And even more awesome, you can point Lens at the bottom of a router, that’s sticker you know, where it says the username and the password and the SSID and it will log you in instead of having to type it all out.

So, Google Lens looks awesome and well its not out right now, I think if it ends up looking and working as well as it did in those videos shown at Google I/O 2017, then it should be pretty cool.

2. Google Assistant

First thing first, Google Assistant aka Google Now is now available on the iPhone also. So, is is on iPhone and you got in the App Store, you can get it too right now and this is the exact same assistant. It works the exact same way as it does on Google Pixel or any other Android Phone.

That is pretty awesome and there is even some iPhone specific optimization, since obviously you can’t hold down the home button to get to it. That’s worth serious, so you make a widget to put right next to your home screen to launch the assistant to get right to talking to it.

You can use it in same way you use on any android device, just scroll up to see your history of things you have asked for in the past. Which is cool and then you can also even type questions to it. So, if you are in a quiet place and you don’t have the space to ask things out loud to it, you can type what you want to know and hit send.

And it will answer. Hopefully, It is coming to the Android version soon and then the other news is now Google assistant will hopefully be in many more places really soon, thanks to the SDK becoming available to third party developers.

Now, talking about new features in Google Assistant, rather than typing questions, one of them goes something like this considering the video they showed at Google I/O stage.

So, considering the example they showed on stage is literally pulling up Google Assistant and telling it you just want some Panera and instead of it telling you what Panera is near you, it actually pulls up the menu and lets you pick exactly what you want to eat and orders delivery.

So, that is pretty awesome. So, we are starting to see Google assistant in a lot more places, it went from being the Google Pixel only to an Android only thing to being much more widely available. That’s kind of what Google I/O is all about.

3. Android O

You are probably familiar with Android O because I wrote a Blog over the top 5 features of Android O, I hope you read it, if you haven’t click link given and read it. That is where a lot of the main stuff is but they have announced that Android O is graduated from Developer’s preview to a Beta version.

So, now it is available in the Beta channel, anyone with a Google Pixel or Nexus can download it and you can check out. A couple of new features those have also made it to this version.

One thing I really like is the picture in picture mode. Which is sort of like while you are doing one thing you can continue doing that in the background and move to another thing. Just hit the home button to continue multitasking, you get a floating window that continues your background tab.

So, whole you are watching a YouTube video, you can hit home and open up a Notes app and start taking notes, while the video plays along. And when you are done, you can literally just swipe it away.

There is also something called notification dots, kind of like something you would see in iOS. Where you have those little badges for a notification icon. Notification dots are the same way. They will indicate on an app on your home screen, where you have notifications.

So, to check that notification you can either pull down in the tray like normal or you can actually long press that app icon on the home screen to look at it and that will give you the same information. So, Android O is coming along pretty nicely.

We should see the full final version of it and probably get a name for it sometime this summer and I hope it will be Android Oreo.

It’s got a couple other little features, like improved autofill, better looking Emojis that are redesigned, all kinds of faster beats, things like that so, but If you want to know about top 5 features than you should read my older blog over Android O.

4. Google Photos

So, you may or may not use this but the improvements to it in the last two year have gotten really good and they are pretty much all in the space of machine learning and AI.

So, it already organizes your photos, just by things that is recognized in them, it recognizes the faces, the locations, places you took them, the landmarks in the background and all sort of things like that. Now, It’s just making that information more available  to you.

So, there is something called suggested sharing, where it recognizes faces in your photos and essentially suggests that you share those photos with the people that are in them. There is also shared libraries, which can automatically share every photo you take of your kids for example with your partner.

Possibly the coolest one is some automatic photo manipulation. Now, this is not just like the little filters it adds to your photo, apparently if this works well, it will let you literally remove obstructions from the front of the photo. The example they showed on stage was incredible. I hope it works that well, but again we have to see that when it arrives.

5. Google Home

Again you may or may not have one of these, but it is getting some improvements, they are improving it well too. One is called proactive assistance, so you know how Google Now sometimes gives you little notifications telling you there is a traffic incident on your normal route or something that kind of things you might want to know ahead of time.

Well, now Google home will also be able to do that, but since it doesn’t have a display, it will do that with the lights on the top. So, now when you see it lighting up by itself, you can just ask what’s up and it will tell you that news.

There is also hands free calling coming on to Google Home, which I think it is pretty awesome and also long overdue and now Google Home can even start showing responses to questions that require a visual response on your TV or your phone.

So, before it wouldn’t make sense to ask Google home a question like, “Show me my Schedule”, because there is no display obviously, but now since it is smart enough to connect to your TV or phone it will show that response on a device with the display which is pretty convenient.

Honourable Mention: Android Go

It is not necessary to explain what was there in announcement of Android Go, because I have already written a blog over it, which you can read here:  Lightweight Android, Android Go. This is one of the important announcements of Google I/O 2017, but I have written about this before, so I just kept this in Honourable Mention.

So, by far I have told you all 6 major announcements from Google I/O 2017, which one is your favourite one? Let me know in comments below.


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