Tips for SMO and Backlinking

Hello Friends!! Today I am going to show you SMO – Social Media Optimization and backlinking tips. Backlinking is also useful to improve your SEO results. SMO is basic marketing strategy for website. At start of website you must participate in SMO for bringing traffic from start.

There are SMO which are free and paid too. But we will talk about free one. Because no one like to spend money before they earn any.


These are websites for SMO to bring traffic on.


This is too obvious choice in SMO. You can draw your most of traffic from facebook. You just need to follow following steps.

  1. Create Facebook Page for your website. Invite your friend to like that page.
  2. Develop Open Graph meta tag for sharing embedded link in Facebook.
    You can learn that from here: Learn Here
  3. Join some big groups related to your website topic.
    for ex. shopping related groups for commercial website and IT groups for IT blogs and all.
  4. Now, You can create your own group also by your website name and add maximum members as you can.
  5. Share your post (Embedded) with message mentioning your link too.(For backlinking).
  6. Share on your FB page than from fb page share that post to your timeline and all groups and wherever you can.
  7. Posting on FB page will show you post reaches on your post. As your likes on FB page will grow, less you have to share in multiple groups.


Twitter is good for SMO. You can get plenty traffic from twitter using hashtags.

  1. Create twitter account for your website and suggest your friends to follow your account.
  2. Share posts on Twitter using related and popular hashtags to get more traffic and also mention your website name in tweet like #SuratNow.
  3. Because twitter has better SEO results than our own websites. So when someone search post using your website name it will provide your tweet before than your link(At Starting of Website).


Youtube is good for SMO of videos of your own website.

  1. Create channel of your website name. Upload video of what you want to post about on your web.
  2. Insert related keywords and all in that video.
  3. Mention video in your post and post in your video description.
  4. If someone search for your post related video on youtube or google, they will find your video and also they will get your link from description.
  5. This is a kind of backlinking.
  6. Also youtube have better SEO results than our website, you will find youtube link of your own post, before your website post.
  7. Embedded Link of Youtube on your website will reduce load of your website by loading video from youtube and it will provide you better session time on page because of video.


Quora is a website for question-answering. Quora have many readers related to every topics. Also everyone can see your post whether they follow you or not.

  1. log in on Quora
  2. Find topics related to your websites.
  3. Find related questions to blog you written on your website.
  4. Write them answers in limited words and mention your link in answer to get full answer.
  5. This will provide you good backlinking and also it will bring you traffic from Quora readers.


You can create account in tumblr and share your embedded link in tumblr. It will provide you good SMO results.


Create account on stumbleupon, you can post there your link, they will show your link in iframe which can get your website good hits. They show random posts so there is good chance of bringing unique visitors to your website.


Get on pinterest, share image from your post on pinterest with mentioning your link with it. You can get traffic from there too.


Create your account on hubpages.Go to Start a Hub and type some details of your post with mentioning your link. Don’t write your full blog on that so to read it completely, they will visit your website blog.


This is not much of SMO, But yet it can bring traffic to your website, so that we should mention this. Submit your facebook page, twitter account, youtube channel and website to get traffic randomly. It have purchased service too but It’s up to you.


If you consider regarding design of this website you won’t find it very user friendly. But it is very helpful in SMO. You can Submit your links to reddit under related topic and tags. It can bring you good traffic on your website page.

Did we miss any better SMO sites? Than mention it in comments. If you find it useful, please share it with other and help us too.


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