Tesla Model S: Features and Overview

Today, I am going to tell you about all the features of Tesla Model S. So, What makes Tesla Model S such an advanced car. Let’s start talking about the features.

First of all, the key. There is actually a lot of features inside the key of Tesla Model S. So, when the car is locked and you go up to the car with the key in your pocket the door handles will auto present themselves and come out of the recessed mode. So, you can then pull it up and open the door

And there are also a couple other things with the Key, you can open the trunk with two presses of the back of the key, where the trunk is because it is shaped like the car.

Similarly when you press the front of the key twice it open up the front or the front trunk, however with the front trunk, you do need to manually lift the it, due to automobile restrictions.

Coolest feature of the key is the summoning feature. You do know summoning, when Naruto performs summoning Jutsu and right in front of him a big toad pops up. It is quite similar to that but more realistic.

When you hold the top of the key and wait for a little while until the light starts flashing yellow and then you press the front of the key, there you will have your car on the way for you. Press it again to stop the car.

There is even a lot of features in the headlights and taillights, so in the headlights, themselves you have the diffused outer headlight, you have the turn signal on the edge and on the inside of it, you have a set of LED headlights.

That are for turning, so when you take a turn, it automatically lights up. Where you are turning to and then it has the main headlights itself and they look really cool.

So, the taillights don’t have quite as much going on as the headlights do, but they are LED taillights on either side and then the brake light is the bar on the top as well, which is a really cool kind of accent way of showing a brake light.

Tesla Model S has an auto pilot functionality, so for that there is a lot of sensors on the outside of the car including a lot of cameras. There are ultrasonic and radar sensors as well, that give it a lot of data to work with during Auto Pilot mode.

At the bottom of the back trunk, it has some ultrasonic sensors, those are for parking assist and as we go across the car, on both of the sides of the car there are cameras everywhere. It will be easy to explain with image.

tesla model s side location of sensors and cameras suratnow

Marked areas are the locations where cameras or sensors are located.

  1.  Those rounded area is the location where Ultrasonic sensors are placed for parking assist.
  2. That rounded are is where camera is located for the side view.
  3. That whole unit serves as the blinkers and also it has a camera there too, so it is kind of a dual functionality.

Moving on to the front side of the Car, there are three cameras located on the top of the wind shield and at the bottom of the front side of the car, you will get more ultrasonic sensors and radar which gives more data.

Let’s understand this with the figure of the front view of the Tesla Model S.

Tesla-Model-S-front-view cameras and sensors location suratnow

  1. at the top of the wind shield, which is highlighted area, there you get three cameras. All those three cameras are directed in different directions. Which helps to improve auto pilot driving.
  2. I highlighted most of the bottom part of the front view, because there are ultrasonic sensors and radars around the whole area.

The next thing is refilling, in correct words it is recharging. As you know the Tesla Model S is an electric car, So it runs on electricity. Charging point of the car is at the back end of the left side of the Tesla Model S.

If you have your Key of the Car, near the car, you can just open the charging port by a tap on it and lights will go on of charging port. That is where you plug it in to start charging and there are a bunch of adapters and stuff to use different types of ports.

So, actually the charging cable you use to charge your car, has a button on it, So, when your charger is plugged into the wall, that button will actually open up the charging port. So you can plug it in.

Moving inside the car now, the first thing I want to mention is that there is no on button , so you get in with the keys and then once you hit the brake, the car is just on and you can start moving then.

When you get out and you get about 20 feet away from the Car, it will then turn off and it will lock everything up and it will be off essentially and then we are working with two displays in the Tesla Model S.

So, we have one display up on the b-roll and that is where you will have your speedometer and other information and a little icon of the car that matches the car, like if you press the brake, it lights the brake lights. The brake lights in the little icon come on, very cool stuff.

Then we have the main attraction the 17 inch vertical screen, which serves as the main console and you could have a lot of different functionality there, you can use  web browser on the uppder half and Google maps with the satellite view on the bottom half.

So, you can see where you are, you can switch these around or you could turn one into full screen mode from switch. If you want to get something else there, you can just take the music, drg it right there and then the music will come up.

One thing that I want to mention with this is that it actually has built in LTE. So, Tesla actually paid for that LTE and that is how this is connected and gets data, So you can not connect your phone to it but unit it self basically serves as a giant tablet with its own LTE network.

So, you can get all the information and streaming music and stuff like that right there on the display, but it won’t actually play videos and I want to include that because that is smart.

You know if you loaded up a YouTube video, it is not safe driving to be watching a YouTube Video while driving. So you can load up web pages and get basic stuff on there, but no videos because you know safety.

Another thing that I find really cool is, you know there are a lot of cars with adjustable steering wheels that you can just have some basic adjustments with, but steering of Tesla Model S is fully electronically adjustable.

So, there is a little handle besides the steering for adjusting the steering, so you can get it comfortable for yourself and that brings over the 17 inch display again, there is a lot of information and a lot of settings that a lot of stuff you can control.

There are a few things, I am going to highlight but there is just no way I can practically cover everything that it has. So, I am just going to go over a few things.

You have driver profiles, so it has all the information you need per your driver, so like the settings you use and that kind of stuff is saved per driver. if you can just click who you are and it will automatically adjust the settings that you use.

Then there is a main controls and settings area, there is so much stuff within application within the console. For example, there is a sunroof, if you want to open the sunroof, you just drag the sunroof down on the console and it will start opening and then you click stop and you can close it.

There is a lot of really cool stuff in there, the cool thing is also that the colour of the car in real, is the colour of the car showed in the console screen and other display too. Just little things like that really add up to like a really solid experience within Tesla Model S.

You can still have a charging screen that shows you your charging information, you can set it to charge at certain times that its charged to a certain amount a lot of cool stuff like that.

It even has bio weapon defense mode, which you can click and there will be a huge air flow, as you turn it on, it pressurizes, the car, so there is a huge HEPA filter over the dashboard of the car, that is why the new front trunks are smaller than the old version of the Tesla Model S.

Because they have that huge air filter and that is going to be really great in cities with a lot of pollution, it will keep you nice and healthy.

Make sure the air you are breathing is healthy that is just you know Elon Musk being Elon Musk and doing crazy things, there is a lot more information and settings and stuff that you can control in the console.

This is it for the Tesla Model S, so guys, how do you feel about the Tesla Model S?





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