How to control Remote Desktop via Android mobile?

Want to access your remote Desktop and you don’t have PC nearby? Don’t worry, now access Remote Desktop with your android mobile.

For resolving problems in PC, while being far away from that PC, we need remote Desktop connection. But That process need another PC to do so. That is not the case anymore. Now, you can control remote desktop via your android smartphone.

You can control your windows Desktop computer with your android mobile. There is two way for doing this process. First is for static IP and local network connection. Second is not having static IP nor local network.

There is a feature for Remote Desktop Connection provided by microsoft. Which comes in-built with Windows OS called Remote Desktop Connection AKA mstsc.

Read how to enable that remote desktop access in desktop you want to gain access of. If you know it already you can skip it to second step.

For Static IP or Local Network:

How to enable Remote Desktop Access in Windows OS?

  • Right Click on “My Computer“, Open properties.
    opening properties of my computer suratnow
  • From Left Panel, Select “Remote Settings
    remote setttings from computer properties suratnow
  • Under Remote Assistance, Tick on Allow “Remote Assistance connections to this computer
    remote setting dialogue box suratnow
  • Under Remote Desktop, Select “Allow connections from computers“(2nd Option), It’s ok even if you select 3rd too.
  • You can define user to access remote connection from “Select User” Option, Current logged user will be permitted by default.
    select desktop users for remote
  • Press “OK” and That’s it.

This how you can enable Remote Desktop Access in windows, you will be able to access this desktop using it’s IP address from all other local network desktops.

You can even transfer file with this just by drag and drop in Remote Desktop connection Window.

To access from other Desktop you can use “mstsc” in Run, or

Remote Desktop connection from Start Menu -> All Program -> Remote Desktop Connection. Just Enter IP address of Desktop to get Remote connection and enter valid Credentials.

This was to enable access over Local Area network but for remote access you need static IP line,  Read Further Settings below.

How to give Remote Access over Internet?

If you have a static IP connection directly connected your Desktop, then you don’t need to do anything. But that’s hardly the case in this Era. Mostly we use Router in between our Internet Line and Local Network or Desktop.

If you too using a router in between, you have to define path for incoming remote connection request. Because that Static IP you want to control with, will be the IP of your router.

You have to perform port forwarding in router to give access to that desktop first.

How to forward a Port for remote Desktop Connection?

For forwarding port to enable remote desktop connection, Login in to your router admin panel. Go to Port Forwarding.

In port Forwarding Enter IP of the remote Desktop (Local IP assigned by router) and Enter Port Number with port type.

You have to Forward  TCP port 3389 and UDP port 3389. These are by default port numbers.

This is how port forwarding is done for Remote Desktop connections.

Now, we have forwarded Port, so we can easily access desktop from remote connection using static IP.

These were settings to apply for basic Remote desktop connections for Host Desktop and Host Desktop Router.

Now, back to the main topic of this blog, let’s see how we can gain this access same as our desktop over our android smartphone.

How to Get remote desktop connection over Android phone?

To get access of any remote enabled desktop on android smartphone, there is an android application called Microsoft Remote Desktop.

remote desktop for android setting learn at suratnow

This application is developed by Microsoft company itself. So, You don’t have to worry about getting fake application.

It is available on Google Play, you can download it from below.


Now, lets see settings in This application. It is not much of a big deal, it’s easy.

  • Open Application, Click on “+” sign from top-right. Select Desktop option in there.
  • In Add Desktop, Enter Host IP address in PC name, In User Name option add defined credentials to login.
  • Click save and that’s it.

Your entered Remote desktop connection will be on Remote Desktop list. Just Click on that saved Remote Connection and you will be able to access Remote Desktop.

This application provide you many features to control your remote desktop with ease. Like Zooming, Hold Touch for Right Clicking mouse, Virtual Keyboard along with Ctrl, shift, Alt keys.

Now, this was all for static IP and Local Network. If you don’t own a Static IP connection and you want to access remote desktop connection, you have to use following Option.

For normal Internet Connections:

How to get Remote Desktop Connection over internet without Static IP?

There are many applications, which allows you to access Remote Desktop. I am going to mention most popular, common and widely used application.

This is not a new name for anyone. Name of that application is Team Viewer.

As all of you are aware of this application for desktop, there is a version of Team viewer for Android Mobile too.

This application provide same features as desktop application do, and its same process to access.

  • Enter Host Team viewer ID.
  • Enter Host Team Viewer Password.

team viewer application using on android learn at suratnow

It’s this easy to get access with Team Viewer.

Get Team Viewer for Android on Google Play from here.


Note: Team Viewer doesn’t work when your desktop is screen locked. It will shows black screen only until someone from that Desktop unlock screen. So, This is only drawback of team viewer and reason that why all Server Administrators use Remote Desktop provided by Microsoft itself.

So this is it, for the blog today. If you liked this blog please share it with friends. Ask your questions related to this blog in comment section.



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