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  • How To increase maximum file upload size in php or in wordpress?

    Sometime, you require files larger than 2 MB to upload on your PHP websites, which it does not let you do by default. Showing it…..

    What is URL? How it Works?

    If you have ever used the Internet, which you have probably done considering that you are reading this blog right now, you have almost certainly…..

    What is Application Programming Interface (API)? What it does?

    API can be just as important as device driver, but if a driver is already there, then to serve as the link between your hardware and programs, then….

    How To Install WordPress?

    Today, I am going to write about installing WordPress CMS. Before getting started let me give you some basic introduction about WordPress. WordPress is open…..

    How to earn $2650 per month with just 1000 Monthly unique visitors

    For Google AdSense you can earn around $10 for 1000 monthly unique visitors. But that’s not enough. You can earn more while having low traffic…..

    How to start my own free blog?

    In this era of internet, Internet is critical source to earn money and get fame. Most of us here want to get famous in any…..

    What is bootstrap framework? Why should I use bootstrap?

    As of today, Most of the youth is using their smartphones to access internet. If I want to create a basic website and want good…..

    What is CMS? Which PHP CMS should I prefer for different categories?

    Many of us here want to create our own website and we are familiar with php language. But problem is if we try to create…..

    Why do people say the featured snippet aka direct answer steals traffic?

    Before understanding this you should understand what is google rich answer from our last blog about it. Not everyone loves the featured snippet. Some people…..

    How to get your blog or content in google’s rich answer

    Do you want to get massive amount of traffic from Google search engine without fail? Everybody knows about Google’s rich answer feature. It is also known…..

    How to add your new Website or App in google analytics And Track Traffic of it?

    If you just started your website or Application and you want to analyze visits, visitors and other details, than Google provide a facility called Google Analytics……

    Tips for SMO and Backlinking

    Hello Friends!! Today I am going to show you SMO – Social Media Optimization and backlinking tips. Backlinking is also useful to improve your SEO…..

    Open Graph Meta Tags and sharing link URls for facebook, twitter and google plus

    Sharing on social media, of course. The huge audiences of Facebook and Twitter make them the best platforms for sharing, but do you know how…..

    10 on-page SEO factor which can not be ignored

    there are many people who just started blog and many more people who want to start blog. may be they do not know about SEO……

    12 Basic SEO steps for beginners which are very important for any startup

    For any new website it is very important to be on top of google search engine. traffic from search engine will  increase your website revenue……