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  • Audio File Formats and Compressions Explained

    If you are into music, it might seem like there are just way to many audio formats to choose from. Can’t we just use Mp3…..

    What is URL? How it Works?

    If you have ever used the Internet, which you have probably done considering that you are reading this blog right now, you have almost certainly…..

    Why Encryption is necessary? Why back-door is a bad idea?

    Encryption has become a major debate recently. Recently, Apple wrote an open letter to the US government, explaining why forcing companies to insert a back-door…..

    Hackintosh – running MacOS on non-Apple hardware, How it works?

    If you are interested in computer building, you might have noticed a common thread and most of the how to guides out there on the…..

    What is Application Programming Interface (API)? What it does?

    API can be just as important as device driver, but if a driver is already there, then to serve as the link between your hardware and programs, then….

    Top 5 Announcements from Google I/O Keynote (Google I/O 2017)

    Google I/O is basically a Developer Conference for people who use Google software and for all those developers of apps that run on those Google…..

    How Does Wi-Fi or Internet Service Work on Airplane?

    When you think about travelling in Airplane, It isn’t really all that great, I mean sure you can get from Mumbai to Delhi in just…..

    Ransomware : Everything You Should Know…..

    It is about Ransomware. You have probably heard of it. It is absolutely everywhere right now, and one of the biggest attacks was actually on…..

    Emergency Alert System (EAS) : What is it? How it Works?

    May be you have heard about this Emergency Alert System before. Real Emergency alerts are designed to warn you of things that are somehow even…..

    Android Go: Lightweight Version of Android O

    In Yesterday’s Google I/O 2017 Keynote address, Google officially announced Android Go. Android Go is Lightweight version of Android O v8.0. Android O has already…..

    What to look for in CPU? What do all those Specs mean?

    This is a really Good question, How do you know that what to look for in a CPU? What do all those Specifications mean? Maybe…..

    What is the Difference between Gaming Mice and Regular Mice?

    There are Gaming mice and then there are regular mice, but the question is what is the difference between both of them? Obvious answer will…..

    What is a HDR Display? How does it work?

    When you hear the word HDR, you think about that specifal modeĀ in your camera that allows you to take better photos which brings out the…..

    Moto G5 Plus : King of the Budget phones

    If you are looking for a new smartphone released this year for under 20,000/- INR (Approx $310), the Moto G5 Plus is now another Option……

    Pen drive is showing too less capacity then it’s real Capacity. How to Fix it?

    Is your Pen Drive, Hard Disk or SD card showing less capacity, then it’s real capacity? It happens sometimes in pen drive or SD card…..

    Recognize Which Song you are hearing with Mobile Apps and Website

    Did it ever occur to you that, suddenly you hear a song playing on Television or somewhere else may be on phone or speaker, and…..

    How to control Remote Desktop via Android mobile?

    Want to access your remote Desktop and you don’t have PC nearby? Don’t worry, now access Remote Desktop with your android mobile. For resolving problems…..

    How to share Youtube Offline Video with others (For Android Users Only)?

    Google is fastest developing company, when it comes to developing something new for it’s users. Google has been making developments in Youtube to provide easiest…..

    How to Search something using Image on Android?

    Sometimes, I get some very interesting pictures on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook. So, naturally I get excited about that and try to find what is…..

    How to enable Multi Window Multitasking for Any App in Android?

    Did you ever feel need of having two different screens in your Android for multitasking with multiple windows like you do in Desktops? Seems like…..