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  • App Review: MoveIt – transfer Media Files Automatically

    From the title of the blog, you will think that, what is new in that? But well, there are some features in this you will…..

    Status Forever: Android App to get Status for every mood

    Are you looking for new Status to put on your Social media account? Whether you are feeling sad or true love, you will get all…..

    Why Encryption is necessary? Why back-door is a bad idea?

    Encryption has become a major debate recently. Recently, Apple wrote an open letter to the US government, explaining why forcing companies to insert a back-door…..

    What is Application Programming Interface (API)? What it does?

    API can be just as important as device driver, but if a driver is already there, then to serve as the link between your hardware and programs, then….

    Top 5 Announcements from Google I/O Keynote (Google I/O 2017)

    Google I/O is basically a Developer Conference for people who use Google software and for all those developers of apps that run on those Google…..

    Top 5 Features of Android O

    Android O, we are like halfway through the alphabet already, Google is moving pretty fast. So, either way Android O Developer Preview is out now……

    You should not do these things on your Android Smartphone

    There are some things you are doing on your android smartphone, which are not only unnecessary, but those are wrong things followed by myths. Let’s…..

    What is Proximity sensor? What are alternate uses of it?

    A proximity sensor is a sensor able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact. Almost all of touch screen smartphone contain…..

    Recognize Which Song you are hearing with Mobile Apps and Website

    Did it ever occur to you that, suddenly you hear a song playing on Television or somewhere else may be on phone or speaker, and…..

    How to print From Smartphone to Local Network Printer?

    Many of us, get some work related Files on WhatsApp or any mobile social media network, Which is important to print. But to do so…..

    Unique Uses of Camera in Android Smartphone that you don’t know.

    Camera in android phones we use just to take pictures and Videos. But there is more to it. There are few amazing things you can…..

    5 Handy Features provided with Google Keyboard.

    As Android market is growing worldwide, Google is developing new features eagerly. So does with Google Keyboard. Google Keyboard (G-Board) is not only for providing…..

    How to view the new WhatsApp Status of others without letting them know?

    After New Status update in WhatsApp, Similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, this question is very common. There are many of us who doesn’t want…..

    How to control Remote Desktop via Android mobile?

    Want to access your remote Desktop and you don’t have PC nearby? Don’t worry, now access Remote Desktop with your android mobile. For resolving problems…..

    How to share Youtube Offline Video with others (For Android Users Only)?

    Google is fastest developing company, when it comes to developing something new for it’s users. Google has been making developments in Youtube to provide easiest…..

    How long I Ran Today? Keep Track with these Top 5 Apps

    As much as we like to spend time on our Smartphones, it’s necessary to stay fit. So easiest solution of this is to stay fit…..

    Top 10 Fitness and Workout related Android apps.

    Many of our generation are unfit because of our lazy daily routine and not doing any exercise. Those who do exercise would like to keep…..

    How to Search something using Image on Android?

    Sometimes, I get some very interesting pictures on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook. So, naturally I get excited about that and try to find what is…..

    How to enable Multi Window Multitasking for Any App in Android?

    Did you ever feel need of having two different screens in your Android for multitasking with multiple windows like you do in Desktops? Seems like…..

    How to get back old version of WhatsApp Status on Android?

    WhatsApp keep giving new updates regularly from quite sometime. The latest updates have brought features like video calling and two-step verification. And another recently introduced…..