Apple iPhone X: Top 5 Features, Dream Project of Apple

If you have followed Apple at all, you have probably heard the old cliche that it does things better, instead of doing them first.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in the iPhone X announced this Tuesday. Which is easily the most exciting iPhone in years.Thanks to a bunch of features that are not really new, But lets not bash Apple and start talking about iPhone X.

Apple say something like this for the iPhone X.

“Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen. One so immersive the device itself disappears into the experience. And so intelligent it can respond to a tap, your voice and even a glance. With iPhone X, that vision is now a reality. Say hello to the future.”

We will see that if this is really a dream comes true or Nightmare.

We are not only going to look at where these all new features came from, we are gonna explore how Apple will probably improve them. So, these are top 5 features.

1. Wireless Charging

It is been in some phones since 2009, but it is a feature you probably don’t care much about because, well, it’s never been popular enough to really take off.

Even with companies like Samsung doubling down on wireless charging, it’s rare to see it in action, with the exception of some Starbucks locations and the occasional airport lounge in the US.

Well now, with Apple’s adoption of it, nearly half of the U.S. smartphone market suddenly has a reason to care. And in a refreshingly open move, the company is using Qi, a widely used standard, instead of something proprietary and locked down.

That means you’ll be able to use any of the Qi certified chargers that have been around for years, to top up your new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, and you should see more popping up in public as time goes on.

Of course, Apple has built it’s own charger launching next year, which is called AirPower, and which will be able to charge more than one device at a time, just like Duracell did back in the day.

It doesn’t solve the convenience challenges of slower charging, and the awkwardness of not being able to pick up your phone while it’s charging.

But if you can imagine a future with wireless charging stations everywhere, well, you can start to see how convenient that could make little top-ups.

And that future is a lot closer now that Apple is in the game.

2. Unlocking your phone with your face (Face ID)

Android has had this since 2011. You look at your phone, it recognizes your face, and it unlocks. But that was a junky, easy to fool feature, and even today, your phone will warn you that it’s not as secure as a fingerprint or a PIN.

Microsoft and Samsung greatly improved on this approach with iris scanners in recent years, but it’s still slower than a fingerprint scan.

And because it relies on infrared cameras, it has trouble in direct sunlight.So I didn’t expect Apple to do what the rumors suggested, but holy Cook, it did! For the iPhone X, Apple ditched Touch ID for Face ID.

How this’ll play out in the real world remains to be seen. It’s entirely possible this will prove just as inconsistent as Samsung’s approach can sometimes be, but Apple is throwing much more technology at the problem.

Packed into the iPhone X is an IR camera, a flood illuminator, a conventional front camera, and a projector that shoots 30,000 dots across your face for texture mapping that Apple says is smart enough to tell the difference between you, and not just a photo, but a 3D scanned custom mask of your face.

Now keep in mind the last time Apple ditched a major feature it led to real inconvenience for folks who relied on a headphone jack in their phones.

But to me, this is different, because the company has poured tons of R&D into making Face ID the new Touch ID, and it’s betting its reputation on its success.

You can expect Samsung and other manufacturers to up their game when it comes to face scanning for their next generation phones, so I’m calling this a win for everyone regardless.

3. Dual camera with Fancy features

Squeezing two main cameras into a phone is nothing new. Even dual optical stabilization is not a first. But the iPhone X does bring two features, I don’t thing I have seen on any phone, I have tested.

Not only you can shoot at 4K resolution, but you can do so at 60 Frames per second. If you do a lot of walking video or panning across vistas, those 30 extra frames every second will make a lot of difference in terms of smoothness.

And if you really wanna slow things down, you can shoot at 240 frames per second to capture fast action. Now, other phones can match that frame rate, but most of them limit you to 720p.

The iPhone X can shoot that fast at Full HD. Sure it is not Sony premium with its insanely high frame rates, but it is more than enough for most folks.

4. Augmented Reality (AR)

Apple kind of got on my nerves by saying, ” These new iPhone are the first smartphones ever designed for augmented reality.”

I mean, they are not. I checked one to test out Google Tango and another AR compatible phone has launched since then. But ARKit on the iPhone X is exciting largely for the same reason, Wireless charging on the iPhone X is exciting.

“Apple is Popular.”

So, developers are very likely to build cool stuff for it. The game demos at the Apple event were really compelling. I mean, I don’t care at all about baseball, and even I think it would be cool to hold up my phone at a ballpark and have the player’s info project above their heads.

Thankfully, we are already starting to see some changes from Google in the form of ARCore, and hopefully the excitement over Apple’s ARKit can rapidly further that development.

5. Gesture control

Man, 2009’s Palm pre is the is the gift that keeps on giving to smartphone makers. That WebOS software was so fluidly designed that it didn’t feel like you were using it so much as dancing with it.

I know, The sentimental nerd is getting mawkish again. But it is true! BlackBerry stole from it, Google took some inspiration from it,and now Apple gets in on the fun.

Mark my words, once you get used to swiping up to go Home, and over to multitask, you will wonder how you ever settled for stabbing little buttons like a trained lab rat.

Soon, that home key will look as archaic as physical QWERTY keyboards did after the first iPhone launch. Never mind that I still like them, just let me make my point.

Gestures are an elegant way to interact with software, and I am so excited to try it out that I am almost ready to forgive Apple for keeping us chained to that dumb preschool grip of apps as the home screen.

Bonus: New Apple watch

Well, this is not directly related to the iPhone X, but it is the best smartwatch for it. and now it’s got a cellular radio, so it doesn’t need to be tethered to a phone to work. This is one of the oldest technologies that Apple sort of invented on stage today.

I saw my first cellphone watch(Not on my hand) in like 2009, and they have been small enough not to seem ridiculous for about two years now. But the Apple watch series 3 is the same size as last year’s.

That is quite a bit smaller than Samsung’s Gear S3 or the LG Watch sport. And Apple got to show off its engineering prowess by describing how rather than shoehorning in another antennae, which apparently they couldn’t do, they instead made the display itself another antennae.

That is pretty awesome. Personally, an Apple watch is not my first choice in terms of a fashion accessory, but again, its rising popularity means that we can expect even better things from all smart watches as competitors clamor to compete.


Even as an Android user, I am pretty jazzed to get my fingers on the iPhone X, and as the early hands-on come in from Cupertino, it seems clear that those fingers are gonna leave some marks.

Pre-orders for the iPhone X open in October.


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Apple iPhone X: Top 5 Features, Dream Project of Apple

If you have followed Apple at all, you have probably heard the old cliche that it does things better, instead of doing them first. Nowhere…..

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