Android Go: Lightweight Version of Android O

In Yesterday’s Google I/O 2017 Keynote address, Google officially announced Android Go. Android Go is Lightweight version of Android O v8.0. Android O has already been announced officially. There is a developer preview and now there is Android O beta released for developers.

Android Go is a new effort by Google to launch budget-friendly Android smartphones for developing markets. You might be thinking about this same thing, happening before also. You are absolutely correct.

A few years ago, Google launched Android One. Which was a lightweight Android version for budget friendly smartphones. Although that wasn’t much of a success. Android One was not successful in terms of sales of new and cheap devices to those targeted markets.

The new Android Go platform has many similar goals as the Android One. But with some Good improvements will hopefully allow Google to have a better performance in sales of phones than Android One.

As per Google, Android Go will basically be a lightweight version of the All new upcoming Android O v8.0. But the Android Go is designed to run on smartphones with lower RAM like 1 GB or 512 MB. Moving forward, all Android smartphones that have 1 GB of RAM or less will automatically run Android Go.

In addition to the Operating system being modified to work on devices with lower RAM, the apps provided on Google Play Store will also be optimized to run on the lower-end Smartphone. So, you can say that, not only Android OS, but those applications will also be able to provide you smooth experience with Lower-end hardware.

It’s possible that the best thing coming with Android Go, could be YouTube Go. Which will not only allow users to download videos for offline viewing later whenever Wi-Fi connection is near, but that will also let you share those offline saved videos with friends to save your data usage.

So, eventually YouTube Go will not only help you with smooth video viewing experience, but it will also let you share videos with your friends using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections without spending your internet Data.

For more information about YouTube Go, You can read blog over it. I already written a Blog over YouTube Go, which were written with the reference of Beta version of the YouTube Go application.

Not only that, but YouTube Go will also let users see preview frames of any video they want, when it will be running on an Android Go smartphone. Those features will be absolutely free for all, unlike the paid YouTube Red version.

The Play Store in Android Go will also features applications made specifically for Power saving and reducing data consumption. In fact, data management is a big feature for the Android Go OS, and owers of an Android Go phone will be able to check out data use directly on its notification settings panel.

Although, this thing is not new, there is already features like that in Android versions, which came after Android KitKat including itself. But in those Android versions, you can set the Data limit to get warning, when it is about to cross and when it crosses.

Not only that, there are third party applications available on Google Play Store, which let you know your current data transfer rate and also usage of every day. So, it is not that big of a deal, but it is for Android Go, considering the fact, that this is lightweight version and for low budget and lower-end smartphones.

There is a lot we don’t know yet about Android Go, including which third-party phone manufacturer companies will launch devices specifically for the Android Go Platform. There is also no word if Google itself will launch its own hardware devices with Android Go.

Finally, we don’t know that which markets will offer Android Go phones, but it is a safe bet that India will be a prime target for the platform. The only thing we do know for sure is that Google is targeting a 2018 launch for Android Go. So, there will clearly be a lot more announcements on that front over the next several months.

So, what do you think about Android Go? Is this something special to look out? Let me know, comment it below.


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