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    OnePlus 3T Specifications and Review : A day’s power in half an hour

    OnePlus likes to be disruptive, both in terms of the products it makes, and the way it sells them. In a price conscious market like…..

    Vivo V5 (Moonlight Camera) – Specifications and Reviews

    The Vivo V5 is the newest addition to Vivo’s V-series, right after the Vivo V3 and Vivo V3Max . The V3 and V3 Max offered good…..

    In Budget Best Selling Smartphone : BLU R1 HD

    The Blu R1 HD is an unlocked Android phone with a good balance of performance for the price, making it a fantastic value for Amazon…..

    How To add your new website or App in google analytics And Track Traffic of it?

    If you just started your website or Application and you want to analyze visits, visitors and other details, than Google provide a facility called Google Analytics……

    Top 5 Latest Laptops introduced at CES 2017

    We are going to show you 5 amazing laptops, which are launched in CES 2017. CES is consumer electronics show community. Which held every year…..

    Tips for SMO and Backlinking

    Hello Friends!! Today I am going to show you SMO – Social Media Optimization and backlinking tips. Backlinking is also useful to improve your SEO…..

    Big and Beautiful Asus Zenfone Pegasus 3 Specifications

    In terms of phone sizes, 2016 was definitely a bit of a mixed bag. While on the one hand, we had the likes of the…..

    Best 5 free iPhone/iPad Apps

    As we know the good news that iPhone 7 launched in 2016 and people loved it much. So the buyers are now searching for Best…..

    Watt Linkage: Mechanism and Application

    Watt linkage is also known as the parallel linkage. James Watt invented Watt mechanical linkage. In Watt’s linkage central moving point of is constrained to…..

    Nokia E1 – 2017 Upcoming Android smartphone.

    Nokia has fixed some serious issues on the next gen smartphones as you can expect much smoother performance. The style statement of Nokia is its…..

    Gadget Review: Lenovo ZUK Edge

    Followings are specifications of Lenovo ZUK Edge mobile, which will be released on 20th Dec. 2016. This model from Lenovo will be priced around 18000/-…..

    Gadget Review: Nokia D1C Android smartphone.

    One of the top Smart phone company of a time, Nokia is going to launch their first android smart phone at mobile world congress of…..

    Basic useful IP commands for Networking Students/Engineers.

    Here are some very basic and useful IP commands for networking students or engineers and those who want to handle local network. Some of these…..

    How to clear default opening App’s setting in android?

    This article is about how to clear default settings in android mobile phone. Many time we open videos, audios, pictures or any particular file format…..

    Open Graph Meta Tags and sharing link URls for facebook, twitter and google plus

    Sharing on social media, of course. The huge audiences of Facebook and Twitter make them the best platforms for sharing, but do you know how…..

    10 on-page SEO factor which can not be ignored

    there are many people who just started blog and many more people who want to start blog. may be they do not know about SEO……

    12 Basic SEO steps for beginners which are very important for any startup

    For any new website it is very important to be on top of google search engine. traffic from search engine will  increase your website revenue……

    Know your ubuntu version from terminal and get general detail of your computer like amount of ram,os type.

    if you are a window user and just started to use UBUNTU than you will be facing some problem. you might have a question that…..

    How To enable Multiple (concurrent) Remote Desktop sessions in window7

    Microsoft allows remote desktop session for multiple user on server os only.unlike the server edition Microsoft restrict client edition of window to 1 concurrent user……

    error : “Unable to run mksdcard SDK tool” while installing android studio in UBUNTU

    if you installing android studio in 64-bit UBUNTU, you will generally face an error  “Unable to run mksdcard SDK tool” and setup suggest that 32-bit…..