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    12 Basic seo steps for beginners which are very important for any startup

    For any new website it is very important to be on top of google search engine. traffic from search enine will  increase your website revenue……

    Know your ubuntu version from terminal and get general detail of your computer like amount of ram,os type.

    if you are a window user and just started to use UBUNTU than you will be facing some problem. you might have a question that…..

    How To enable Multiple (concurrunt) Remote Desktop sessions in window7

    Microsoft allows remote desktop session for multiple user on server os only.unlike the server edition Microsoft restrict client edition of window to 1 concurrent user……

    error : “Unable to run mksdcard SDK tool” while installing android studio in UBUNTU

    if you installing android studio in 64-bit UBUNTU, you will generally face an error  “Unable to run mksdcard SDK tool” and setup suggest that 32-bit…..

    How To Set JAVA_PATH And Environment Path In UBUNTU?

    After Installing The Jdk you may like to set environment path and java_path for jdk. now i am here showing you how to do that……

    How to Prevent Breast Cancer?

    Taking care of breast is very important for each and every woman, Because if you will ignore it than it will cause trouble for you in…..

    How to Get Rid of Canker Sores (Mouth ulcers)?

    Canker Sores also known as Mouth Ulcers that have plagued most people at some point in their lives. Canker Sores are mostly affect inside of…..

    How to Prevent Access To USB Devices using GPO in windows server 2012?

    GPO means group policy object. Whatever you set in GPO will apply to appropriate users and computers. In this post I will show how you can…..

    How To Use Mobile Earphone as microphone To Record Voice In pc or laptop

    I You Want To record Audio while Recording Video. but You Don’t have a microphone. Now Don’t need to Worry. I am showing you, how…..

    Benefits of eating Onions.

    Onions used in varieties of food.Not only for taste but onions are also good for health. Onions are part of the allium family of vegetables…..

    How To Block Pendrive or external Drive In Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10

    For Privacy Reason or Because of virus threat, You Like To Block Your USB port to prevent unauthorized access.So No body can steal your data. Here are…..

    How to Make Hidden and System Hidden Folders or Files without any software?

    Many of us used to hide their folders or files to secure them from unauthorized access. Your data is valuable for you. i am showing…..

    Why ground pin’s length and diameter is more than the phase pin in a 3 pin plug?

    In an AC power plug, the earth pin is longer and of larger diameter as compared to the live and neutral pins. This arrangement performs…..

    Do you know Limitation of Ethernet and IP?

    Ethernet’s limitation so far is the MTU (1500B). This has held back networking for 20 years or so. The IEEE is so stuck on backward…..

    If you are suffering from cold, Then these cures will work.

    Whenever you are suffering from cold or mild fever, take 5-6 Basil leaves and one clove , make paste from it. Mix half cup water in…..

    Get notified when email you sent gets delievered and opened.

    Sending an email is easiest way of communication nowadays. But when you sent mail. You probebly fill “black hall” whether mail is read or not……

    How to enjoy the King of Sweets- ‘RASGULLAS’ with lesser Guilt and More Taste?

    Its really hard to find a person who has a heart to say ‘No’ to the extremely tempting Indian Delicacy- ‘Rasgullas’. Festivals are the occasion…..

    Brighten your lips with 7 homely solutions

    Everyone wants their lips like Rose petals.But Most of people are suffering from dark lips problem. Many people try Lip balms and moisturizer also many types…..

    Instant Solutions for 10 General Health related problems.

    In our life we face many little problems which can affect your regular life and also Health. So we are going to give you some…..

    How To Find Facebook Page Admin Id and your own profile admin id?

    Some Time We need admin id of facebook profile or Facebook Page whether for Facebook app or og:admins tag. facebook assign unique id to each…..